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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  February 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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so are temperatures setting us up for an icy threat heading out the door this morning. but we have the latest coverage to keep you safe. good morning to you, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. we are warning you about potential danger out there on the roadways as we take a live look from the seats of skyforce10 controlling the roadways for icy patches. jillian mele is standing by with a look at that as well. first, meteorologist bill henley is showing us what is producing the icy threat here bill? isthe surfaces are freezing this morning with the rain falling. temperatures are going to be stuck right around freezing or just below. that's a live view of the low clouds over center city where we have seen some rain. philadelphia international actually is reporting a little bit of snow right now. either way, it is a first alert weather day here at nbc 10. lookout for potential icing,
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freezing rain and sleet mixing in at times this afternoon and tonight. untreated surfaces are at greatest risk. right now, we are seeing the rain move in to portions of bucks, montgomery county and into burlington county. and you can see philadelphia international is reporting a few snowflakes and there's a small patch of some snow as well. but the greatest threat is from the freezing rain. this is what we'll produce with icy conditions also happening in the lehigh valley right now and farther to the north in the pocano mountains. temperatures right at or below freezing for mount holly trenton, pottstown, northeast philly. allentown now 32 degrees along with philadelphia international. and that 32 is at the airport. that's down 3 degrees in the last hour and a half. so freezing rain is a threat this morning. it's going to be light and unstreets surfaces are at greatest risk of seeing the icing during the day today. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is
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watching it through her many cameras. good morning to you, jillian. good morning. when you look through the cameras, many of the roadways look wet. so it is difficult to find out if this is regular rain or freezing rain or what the conditions are going to be. so be alert this morning, slow down and take your time. this is what it looks like along 76 at south street. a few drivers out there, no accidents or delays. your drive times on 76 are still pretty average this morning. we are not really seeing too many delays out there just yet. about 13 minutes between the blue route and the vine. the blue route is clear vine street expressway is also clear. and as you head out the door traveling near the area bridges, we are not seeing speed restrictions because of the conditions, but you may see slepryslep slepryslep slippery conditions. watch out as you head out this morning. and we are following breaking news of west oak lane of the accident that involves a fire truck that you see there and another car. this is at 69th avenue in old york road. we know that no firefighters
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were hurt but somebody in the other car that you see -- well, you did see it -- thank you for pulling out to show us that car right there, the blue car in the left-hand side. the person driving there did suffer some type of injury. we are working to find out how severe those injuries are. we will continue to update you on this story and bring you new information as soon as it becomes available. 5:33 now. we have new information from overnight in the death of a millersville university student. we have learned that the student's boyfriend is behind bars. nbc 10's katy zachry is live on campus of millersville 80 miles west of philadelphia. a lot of students in this area go to millersville. katy, tell us what you found out about this investigation. >> reporter: hi, chris. we know that grief counselors will be available today here on the campus for the campus community for students friends and faculty who knew the victim. also happening today, investigators will conduct an autopsy to learn exactly how she died. take a look at her picture from
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chester county. 18-year-old karli hall was found dead inside her dorm room around this time yesterday morning. now soon after her body was found, her boyfriend, 19-year-old gregorio orrostieta was arrested and is being held in prison on $1.5 million. we reached out to the university officials who tell us that the suspect who is in jail this morning is not a a student. and investigators don't believe anyone else is in involved in what they call a suspicious death. and they tell police they don't believe there's additional day tore the campus community. reporting live katy zachry "nbc 10 news." and now to a story you'll only see on nbc 10 this morning. a city with a crime crisis reaching out to a county for help. we have learned that wilmington is asking the new castle county police department for help patrolling the city streets. wilmington's violent crime rate has shot through the roof over
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the past ten years. "newsweek" magazine recently dubbed it murder town usa. jesse gary will have a live court report coming up. and a series of family meetings are being held to help parents and students learn about new standard tests. the meeting will be at wod roe wilson high school. and parents will be given online resources for students to take the standardized tests for the first time. meantime parents will get to share concerns over the proposed closings of two elementary schools. the school board is considering closing arrowhead elementary school in collegeville and audubon elementary school in eagleville. this comes after a study predicted a continued decline in enrollment over the next ten years. the meeting about the possible closures will be held at the arrowhead school this morning with the superintendent expected to be there. 5:35 now. tense moments at a meeting
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focused on racial profiling and policing. >> my point is simply this we got to do better. >> nbc 10 was there for a meeting and response to this photo many of you saw. the officers in lower marion were cleared of any wrongdoing, but members of the community say they still have concerns. and i'm matt delucia live in skyforce10. we are traveling the roads with wet conditions out here. rain is falling in many parts of the area and a lot of spots are at or below freezing. we are keeping an eye on the conditions here in bucks county. that's coming up.
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re we are watching freezing rain move in and ice is being created. i have seen it just outside the
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nbc 10 studios here. so the colder suburbs are definitely seeing it as well. in philadelphia, it's cold enough for ice as well. 32 degrees right now with cloudy skies. the northeast winds at 14 miles an hour bringing in the moisture that is falling as freezing rain in trenton and into bucks and montgomery counties. this is burlington county portions of gloucester and camden county seeing freezing rainfall right now. a few snowflakes and sleet could be mixing in during the day, but the biggest threat is this big area of pink. that's the freezing rain from the lehigh valley into the pocano mountains. so many cars are going to be covered. untreated roadways are going to have ice on them this morning. as you can see, temperatures are now below freezing for chester springs, horsham, northeast philly and new jersey is 33 degrees. and the hour-by-hour shows wet weather continuing this morning. and temperatures are not going anywhere. so this is potential for freezing rain mixing with snow to the north. by later today, we'll see some of that snow reach down into the
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lehigh valley. there's even the possibility of seeing some slight snow into the northern and western suburbs into the afternoon hours. be on the lookout for very slippery conditions this morning from freezing rain and sleet and snow later today and throughout the day today. the temperatures will be holding right around freezing. but there is some warmer weather ahead. and it's not that far away. we'll have the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. bring on the warmer stuff. until then 20 minutes before 6:00. we are watching for spots of ice to form on area roads. >> jillian mele is really watching the conditions because you just need a heads-up so there's no big traffic mess on the roads this morning. >> and the reason conditions are different depending on where you are waking up or traveling. on the map, we have the weather radar. the green indicates rain out there and the pink up indicates the freezing rain that bill has been talking about. so we'll zoom this in right to the trenton area. you can see that is in the midst of the freezing rain. as we pull this camera out, this is a live camera in trenton
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along route 29 near warren street. you can see the roads are looking wet out there, but don't let that fool you because the roads look wet doesn't mean you won't see icing conditions. icy patches this morning with rain in parts of the area. the bridge surfaces can be slippery, so this is a way to monitor what is going on in your neighborhood. i'll be back with a live look at cameras coming up in a few minutes. 5:41 right now. preventing drunk driving. the tests that could soon be offered at bars to keep you safe behind the wheel. and running out of space. the system drudging up freezing rain could add several feet of snow to the already towering parts around new leangd. england.
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5:44. an autopsy is scheduled today for the millersville university student found dead in her dorm room yesterday morning. this is a picture of 18-year-old karli hall where police arrested her 19-year-old boyfriend charging him with aggravated assault. police are not saying how hall died. now to an nbc 10 exclusive story this morning, a city plagued with violence is getting much-needed help. we have learned new castle county police will help wilmington police patrol city streets. this comes after a rise in homicide over the past ten years. a trend that county leaders say
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is very concerning. and a live look outside this morning. there's a concern on the roads for many of you as we take a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. light rain showers creating potentially icy conditions out on the roads right now, especially in the lehigh valley. matt delucia has been driving around in skyforce10. he's now outside of skyforce10 to show you what you may be dealing with on the roads later. matt? >> reporter: chris we have been driving throughout the area this morning and we have a light mist in south hampton off the second street pike. we got out of skyforce10 to show you what you may find on your cars. right now you may not be able to see it too well here but on the hood of skyforce we have some ice that is forming. and that is a big concern out here that bill has been talking about all morning, is that with the rain falling and right here in skyforce it's telling us that the air temperature out here is about 28 degrees. so of course the conditions are very good for that icing to
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form. and as i try to jump back into stormforce, i got to watch my step because it is very icy. but we're going to go ahead to give you a look at the roads as we head out onto second street pike. we'll go ahead and show that for you now. and we are seeing a lot of that moisture out on the roads right now. because of that we have also seen a lot of salt trucks that have been trying to treat these roads. and drivers out here really just trying to take it easy take it slow. we are not seeing a lot of icy patches at this point, so we're right now heading west on -- or south i should say on the second street pike. and at this point, this road does not appear to have been pre-treated, but again, enough drivers are out here where it seems things do not look too bad at this point, but you saw the parking lot we were just in and we're getting icy patches there as well. heading out, just take it easy and be extra careful heading out the door and take extra time because there could be some of
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the icy patches. we'll continue to drive in skyforce 10 but for now, i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." remember you can get up to the minute weather reports straight to your smartphone any time of the day by downloading the first alert weather app as a free download just go to or the app store. angela merkel will visit the white house today to meet with president obama to discuss the crisis in ukraine, relations with russia and the battle with isis. more than 260 potential jurors will report to a texas courthouse today for the capital murder trial of eddie ralph. the former marine accused of killing former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle who was the inspiration for the film "american sniper" and another person. ralph is charged with killing kyle and a friend of his two years ago. racial profiling is taking center stage in marion county. >> this comes after two men were briefly detained two weeks ago going door to door to ask to
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shovel snow. a packed room last night for the community meeting showstems from police racially profiling men out shoveling snow. the men were questioned because they did not have a permit to solicit required by the township but residents don't buy that believing police targeted the men because of their race. >> if there's a feeling or perception that the community cannot work well with the local police department or their school district or their township or city which we have seen here today, then these conversations take place and people have to look at ways to correct it. >> residents want to see more community policing and sensitivity training for patrol officers. this morning there's a travel advisory in new york city as more winter weather threatens the commute. that area could see freezing rain which is then expected to turn into a wintry mix. last night city workers there
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prepared by getting the plows ready to treat the roads. and then this morning people in snow-battered new england are once again honoring a winter storm warning. the latest blast of winter is expected to drop 2 feet of snow over the next few days in some spots. in boston schools are closed today and have closed for tomorrow. the mayor said the city will use melters to remove existing snow because they have run out of places to put it. the piles are so high with no more space to put it. >> we showed a graphic last week that showed compared to last week, at this time we had about 40 some inches on the ground last winter compared to 5.6 so far this winter. we have empathize with people in boston. >> snow is not the issue but icing is the issue this morning. and i've just seen it outside our studios here at the nbc 10 studios where temperatures have dropped to just below freezing. and rain is falling. and that's createing ice this morning from the pocano mountains to the lehigh valley
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and to the i-95 corridor. this is an icy view from camelback this morning with low clouds and fog. that's freezing rain coming down in the mountains. this morning, temperatures are holding right near freezing. and freezing rain is going to threaten thing, not only first thing this morning, but during the day today. i'm going to make for hazardous driving conditions on untreated surfaces. they will be very slippery. and then sleet and snow as this system comes to an end. that's an indication that the atmosphere is getting cooler throughout the day, but it's the ground that is the issue right now. philadelphia 32 degrees with cloudy skies. we have a little rain with 32 producing ice. and in trenton freezing rain right now with 29 degrees. and we're seeing it in the pocano mountains. this is the view from our camera at camelback and it is iced over thanks to freezing rain. and it's not much colder in the pocano mountains and other spots. it is 30 in mount pocano. pottstown and northeast philly, 31 degrees. doylestown and trenton are
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colder. and gloucester county, harrison township we are seeing very light precipitation. that's actually the good news. it's very light, but unfortunately it doesn't take much in the way of precipitation to create a thin layer of ice. and that's what we're getting this morning. so watch out for icy conditions as a result of freezing rain this morning and this afternoon. then sleet and snow will be mixing at times this afternoon and this evening. then overnight tonight it will all finally come to an end. tomorrow will actually bring in sunshine with the wind picking up, 41 degrees. we'll see melting during the day on tuesday. and up to this point, 37 degrees on wednesday after a morning low in the 20s. it's later thursday that it will be colder again with a wintry mix possible thursday into thursday night. then a bitter blast of cold air for friday and the weekend. nbc 10's first alert traffic
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reporter jillian mele is watching for any possible icy conditions on the roadways this morning. >> and it is different. she's been saying, depending on where you live bill has been pointing it out, jillian can see it on her cameras. majors in and out of philadelphia are looking pretty good this morning with no accidents or delays on the vine street expressway. 76 is clear. the blue route is even looking good. so is 95 pretty quiet near the airport, but don't let that fool you because the roadways look wet. that's when you can expect to see slippery conditions out there. make sure you take your time. drive times on 95 13 to 14 minutes in both ways between woodhaven road and the vine street expressway. we are not seeing the normal southbound volume just yet, although we are approaching 6:00. so roughly in the next 10 to 15 minutes is when i expect to see delays start to build. i'll keep you updated on the delays as they form. thank you. eight minutes before 6:00 the national highway safety administration just released a pair of groundbreaking studies about impaired driving. and listen to this the research
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found the number of drivers with alcohol in their system has declined by nearly a third since 2007. but the number of drivers with marijuana in their system grew by nearly 50%. the survey is completely voluntary and gathers data from drivers across the country. in new castle county two bars hope that a new kind of vending machine will prevent drunk driving. the machine is called the boo boozilator. many are worried the machines could give people a false sense of security causing them to drive when they shouldn't. we are monitoring another possible measles case in pennsylvania this morning. we'll tell you where the most recent patient is from and why dozens of people may have been exposed. and feeding their minds as their mouths. a unique program in this area to help children learn to read by learning to cook.
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four minutes before 6:00 this morning. president obama is taking on the issue of race in his latest
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public service announcement that aired last night during the grammy awards. >> good evening, everybody. tonight we celebrate artists whose music and message help shape our culture. together we can change our culture for the better by ending violence against women and girls. >> the psa is part of the obama administration's campaign to aim for an end of sexual assault on college campuses. and 5:57 a warning from the pennsylvania department of health over another possible measles case. this one in lancaster county. the agency says a person suspected of having measles may have exposed others at several locations last week. health officials say that person went to a basketball game at millersville university last saturday. >> this was a suspected case. and the blood tests have confirmed whether someone had the illness or not is equivocal, and now the sample is now at the cdc. >> now students enrolled at millersville are required to have two measlesvaccinations.
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that comes after a teenager in montgomery county did not have measles. that teen was isolated at home while doctors waited for test results. happening today, walmart is making a major donation to a program in philadelphia that helps people learn to read through learning to cook. walmart is pitching in $25,000 for the free library of philadelphia's culinary literacy center. every week that program teaches kids and adults how to read and write recipes, change ingredients and measurements and cook with using local fruits and vegetables. >> so culinary literacy we have been given a really unique opportunity to define that and show it exists as a term. so we see it as combining literacy with cooking. >> and walmart is going to present that check today at a culinary literacy class with students from spring garden economy who are learning how to
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cook. they said since the program started last june they have taught hundreds of children and adults how to read just by learning first how to read recipes. >> and it talks about nutrition as well, which is great. >> that's key. they are not just looking at how to cook but also how to read. thank you very much. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. take it slow on the roads. we have ten schools delayed or closed this morning. >> and here's a live look at the first alert radar. we are tracking freezing rain this morning. this morning family and friends are mourning the loss of a college student. the 18-year-old died in her dorm room and now her boyfriend is being held by police. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema.
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let's be i thinkbring in meteorologist bill henley to tell us about this weather alert day. the rain is coming down and icing up the untreated road surfaces this morning. watch out for potential icing heading out the door. we are going to see slippery conditions with freezing rain and then later on today some sleet. it is untreated surfaces. your car may be covered with a layer of ice, walkways railings, that sort of thing. treated surfaces should be okay but i would take it slow today. we are seeing it taper off in philadelphia. but there's light freezing rain falling in portions of camden mercer lower jersey and bucks county. now portions of chester, upper montgomery, upper bucks and into the lehigh valley is seeing light, freezing rain. you'll find ice out there this morning. temperatures have fallen to 31 degrees in philadelphia. allentown, pottstown, mount


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